A Fine Frenzy frühstückte heute ganz gesund Berry Granola.

Asking Five mit A Fine Frenzy

A Fine Frenzy – Alter: 25 – Beruf: Sängerin – Grösster Hit: Almost Lover

Number One: What did you have for breakfast today?

Fine Frenzy: Berry granola, soy milk and a soy cappuccino… Mmmmm!

Number Two: Meeting which star has been the biggest highlight for you until now?

Fine Frenzy: Wes Anderson. I’m a huge fan. All my words came out in a jumble, it was embarrassing.

Number Three: If you would have to sell your soul, what would you sell it for?

Fine Frenzy: I would sell my soul to have people wake up and notice that we’re destroying the planet and clean it up, replant forests, preserve the oceans, stop wasting our natural resources and work together to fix this awful, awful mess we’ve gotten into. i mean, if i’m going to sell my soul, might as well put a big pricetag on it!

Number Four: What song is on set on replay on your Ipod at the moment?

Fine Frenzy: July flame by Laura Veirs. The whole album is amazing.

Number Five: What would u most likely be doing today, if it hadn’t worked out with your music?

Fine Frenzy: I’d probably be a screenwriter, an author, an architect or a hermit if i wasn’t making music. Life would certainly make a whole lot less sense.

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